Machikado Mazoku has at least one good joke.

秒 means second if you don’t understand the joke.

[No, I’m kidding, the show has plenty of funny jokes. This just might be my favorite one. Otherwise, lazy content — this is just me trying to make a gif for the first time]

How about Machikado Mazoku (English: The Demon Girl Next Door), the latest inoffensive cute-girls-doing-cute-things comedy to put me to sleep in the same style as Gabriel DropOut, Tonari no Kyuuketsuki-san, or As Miss Beelzebub Likes? Though of a much lower quality than Beelzebub and maybe even Gabriel DropOut, it’s a solid example of the “demon girl” comedy which has somehow cohered into a recognizable subgenre in the past few years.

This time, it crosses the demon premise with a parody of magical girls by introducing the “retired” high school heroine Momo, whose deadpan anti-humor manages to drain all of the magic from her archetype. In the above scene, Momo transforms in 1/100th of a second flat to save the hapless demon girl “Shamiko” from a oncoming truck before trapping the would-be mistress of darkness in an irrepayable* debt of 500 yen (~5 dollars) to prevent her from doing any real harm. Though… not that Shamiko could anyway; she’s so incompetent that she can’t even say her own evil name without tripping on the English syllables.

The pair become arch-nemeses (but really, best friends) and I just realized — why am I summarizing this show? If you want another generic cute-girl comedy anime, go for it. I won’t bother recommending or disrecommending** it. It’s pretty good.

*not a word, but why not?

**not a word, but why not?

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