The Classic WoW Experience.

Stuck in a loading screen, stuck in a loading screen.

At least I beat the queues. I read that some players have over twenty-thousand people in front of them with wait times in the hundreds of minutes because of the server overload.

By the way, I play the human paladin ‘Oncasteve’ on Bloodsail Buccaneers (NA-RP), on the off chance that any of my readers play.

Update: I gave up, again.

2 thoughts on “The Classic WoW Experience.

  1. The great experiment as begun.

    I was against classic when first reveal, but I evolved on the issue and I am glad people who want it, have a safe, legal way to play it. Plus it’s more money into the pockets of the Wow developers, and a chance to judge Vanilla’s game with fresh eyes, not on 15 year old nostalgia.

    I hope it succeeds, but I want to see classic in two months, three months, six months. That’s the real barometer.


    1. I don’t know if I think that the experiment will amount to much… I pretty much agree with the developer sentiment — to paraphrase, “You think you want it, but you don’t.” The current game is *a better game* in just about every way. I can only see Classic sustaining itself on the most hardcore purists in the coming months if it doesn’t begin to consider some changes, even just in basic quality of life features like an in-game calendar.

      But the current game is also such a perfectly-polished Skinner Box that it’s lost most of its charm. I wish that Blizzard would take Classic as an opportunity to spin-off a separate MMO with a slower-paced design philosophy to recall an era before players dashed through rapid-queue dungeons and battlegrounds on farm.

      In my dream world, Classic would develop a bit like Runescape versus Old-School Runescape, with classic remaining an option for players that want a smaller-scale game marked by horizontal progress, both for characters — no more functional gear resets every expansion — and for the narrative — no more fighting literal galactic gods that plunged a titanic sword into our planet, which happens to be the unborn soul of *another* galactic god (ughhh… Warcraft’s story has uncorked its sanity bottle favor of exponential hype escalation).

      I doubt that that would happen because it would require Blizzard to develop two parallel MMOs and (oh, my fantasy) create an alternative reboot to the Warcraft story, but eh, I can ~dream~


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