I climbed a mountain and I can prove it!

Nice view! You can see my village from here

Some advice: don’t go mountain climbing the day after a typhoon rolls through, the day before you move house halfway across the world!

The trail became a stream, beside soaking through my shoes, not so bad going up for keeping cool. Ohhh but danger, danger going down!, slipping down the rocks. When I got a safe lead on my group, I started cursing on every stoop (my head just hit another branch!) and did some lazy philosophizing:

For so much effort going up, why not stay up? At least, until the winds and rains grind the mountain down along with my discarded bones. Oh, but then if you stay down to start, you never have to slip down either…

Whatever, I’ve got a train to catch tomorrow. How do you dry shoes?

I should have taken video. The water flows

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